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SEO Services
Effective search engine optimisation is much more than just “playing the Google game”. It’s about discovering what your ideal customers are looking for, and then making sure that you’re in a position to be found.

As search evolves, it can be a real challenge to stay on top of it all. The algorithms are constantly shifting, and in response, the techniques for ranking become more sophisticated. At Ravenpro, we keep on top of these changes so that our clients are always in a position to benefit from them. We also don’t forget the basics which are to create a great experience for your potential customers and to provide them with the products, services and content they want.

How do we work?

Amazing, effective SEO is about working with search engines, not against them and we don’t indulge in dirty tricks. The quick-fix “solutions” offered by some companies will only hurt your business in the long run. We approach our work with a deep understanding of search algorithms, a powerful portfolio of proven strategies and an attitude of dedicated customer service.

From our base in Milton Keynes, we offer SEO services to businesses of all shapes and sizes. From “one man bands” to start-ups, SMEs and national brands. Our years of SEO experience have shown us time and again that training, transparency and a commitment to being truly relevant will bring you out on top every time. We can offer your business a carefully tailored plan of SEO services, which will improve your rankings and drive quality, relevant traffic honestly and organically for long-term growth.
Paid Advertising
Neglecting paid advertising means you’re, quite frankly, leaving sales on the table.
The right paid advertising campaign can bring brilliant results from very early on; it can also represent a significant investment for your company. When you’re not sure what you’re doing, small missteps can quickly add up to costly mistakes. As a Google Partner and leading PPC agency, we’ve learnt that to make PPC advertising really work for your business, you need solid research, a strong strategy and responsive, unequivocal analytics.

AtRavenspro, our highly trained team deliver all of these as standard. Our PPC management services are founded on one principle: ROI. Anything else is a waste of time and resources. The Ravenspro paid advertising team, based in Hyderabad but working with clients throughout the world, have spent years honing their skills and know how to deliver. We craft smart, attractive, efficient campaigns that are exquisitely targeted at the customers who will convert.

Google Ads
Google Ads can be a dynamic engine for your business — but only if it’s managed effectively. As a Google Partner (meaning that we’re a certified Google Ads agency), we know that a well-designed Google Ads campaign can put your company and your product in front of customers at the crucial moment when they are ready and willing to buy. That’s powerful stuff. But there’s nothing automatic about Google Ads. Like many powerful machines, it is extremely complex and works best when operated by a trained expert. Any agency can place a paid advert and get you to the top of Google, but only a well written and, more importantly, well positioned advert will get you conversions.
Content Marketing
Quality content, promoted in the right way will connect you to your customers at the right time.
Content marketing can help your company connect with your target audience in a number of ways. It’s not just about producing content that gets lots of Facebook Likes or Tweets, a content marketing campaign also needs to bring relevant traffic who are interested in what you do.

We don’t just sit in a room and brainstorm a bunch of ideas, it’s about getting a deep understanding of you, your industry and your customers so that the content ideas we come up with are as likely to succeed as possible. Once we have the right ideas, we move into production to bring the ideas to life. As soon as the content is published, we promote the content to publications where your target audience are likely to hang out, to ensure that we’re reaching the right people.

Our Process
With such a valid emphasis on good content, it’s essential that we start content projects by gaining a true understanding of your business – learn exactly what you do, who you want to see your content and what you want to achieve. The latter could be brand awareness, backlinks, increased traffic or a mixture of them all. Once we know what you’re trying to achieve, we can strategically go through each stage of our content marketing process from ideas creation to execution and promotion.

Using a mixture of channels, including market data, customer research and our proprietary software, we perform thorough background research on your industry.

Based on the research data, we brainstorm content ideas, validate these with influencers, refine the concepts, and then create a design and content brief.

We use the content brief to create the design, copy and technical implementation of the chosen idea.

This phase ensures that launch goes smoothly. We work from our technical checklist, which includes making sure tracking is set up correctly and social tagging is implemented.

Using a mix of owned, earned and paid channels, we promote the piece of content to ensure maximum exposure to your target audience.

Using a mixture of micro-conversions, well-placed calls to action and remarketing, we ensure that we bring visitors into your conversion funnel.

Finally, we review successes and failures and create a lessons learned document to be used with future pieces of content.
Inbound Marketing
Turn your website traffic into customers.
Create a strategy that focuses on your customers, by offering them a relevant and personalised experience.
What is inbound marketing?

Marketing has changed. In the past outbound marketing was the only option. Cold-calling, direct mail, newspaper advertising and sending out emails were the primary ways to promote your business. But things have moved on and today there are better options than these old-fashioned, interruptive marketing techniques that are just as likely to annoy people as engage them.

In the past consumers spoke to salespeople about products or services they were interested in, but the creation of the internet gave online shoppers all the information they need to browse, review and compare products and services, often without having to speak to anyone.

This means that today buyers have more power than they did 15-20 years ago. It’s essential to have a conversation with your audience, rather than give them the same old generic sales pitch. Your goal is to solve their problems with helpful content and guidance, giving them a personalised, helpful and human experience.

To be effective, your organisation needs to have appropriate content and tools that cater for every stage of the buyer’s journey.

What is the buyer’s journey?
Awareness Stage
The prospect is showing symptoms of a problem or need.
They are often just doing online research to understand their problem more clearly – they are not looking for a product or service at this stage.

Consideration Stage
The prospect understands their problem or need.
They are researching methods to solve their problem or opportunity that they were researching in the awareness stage.

Decision Stage
The prospect has made a decision on how to solve their problem.
They are compiling a list of products and vendors to fit their solution.
They are whittling down this list to make a final decision.

The modern approach to marketing needs to cater for users at each stage of the buyer’s journey. This is where the inbound marketing methodology comes in.
Social Media Management
Audits, Strategy, Management and Paid Social Media Services.
These days, a meaningful presence on social media is practically mandatory for businesses that want to stay relevant and connected to their customers.

It’s one of the strongest ways your company can reach out to both current and prospective customers. Social media in all its forms drives traffic, when used intelligently. As an advertising tool, it is unparalleled in its scope, flexibility, responsiveness and ROI. As a customer relationship platform, it offers a unique opportunity to truly engage on a personal level with the people who care about your product or service.

Building brand recognition and loyalty with social media provides lasting benefits for your business, but it also requires a serious commitment. Platforms are proliferating every day, and generating content, staying responsive and building a community across a multitude of accounts can be extremely demanding. Neglected social media accounts aren’t neutral. They can seriously erode consumer confidence if you miss out on customer service opportunities or leave an important message unanswered.

If the task seems overwhelming, you’re not alone. You need to decide which channels and networks make sense, how you should approach them, and the best way to build and maintain your presence over time.Ravenspro can help. We’ll get to know your business inside and out so that we can craft an authentic, vibrant social media voice for your brand. We’ll guide you step-by-step to create a comprehensive, customised social media plan that really works for your business. As a full service social media agency, we can offer you expert advice and assistance at every stage.

Social Media Audit
You may be starting from scratch, or perhaps you have an established presence in need of renovation. We’ll take an in-depth look at all of your options to see what’s working, what’s not, and where the opportunities lie.

Social Media Strategy
Where do you need to be? How often do you need to be there? Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ each have their own quirks and hacks. We can make sure you get the most out of each, and also help you carve out space in the niche networks that can take you to the next level.

Social Media Management
Keeping up with a packed schedule of updates takes time. Crafting consistently quality updates takes even more time. Our social media experts will lift the load from your shoulders so that you can deliver reliably compelling content to your audience across all your channels.